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I love the stillness of the evening.  It is like natures way of relaxing and this is how I am feeling.  I have the television on low but i can feel peace as the world’s activity is coming to an end for another day.

I often wonder if God sleeps.  In his word it says he neither slumbers nor sleeps (psalm 121), but at the beginning of genesis after the six days of creation, God rested on the seventh day…..mmm…so he does take it easy.

With regards to the creation process, ‘ with the lord a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a day’, so I keep my ideas and beliefs very much open on all of Creation.

I seem to love writing more in the evening, I suppose I am more relaxed and less open to distraction.   So this is the time of day where I sit quietly and I normally go over my day with Him and have a chat, and as i love writing I speak to Him through my written word a lot of the time.

The bible is known as  “the word of God” and our retired pastor often refered  to it as “God’s love letter to us”.  How I would agree with that.  Why would I  say that?  Because I love reading it daily and I feel God speak to my heart.

There  are so many different translations now that the bible is a lot easier to understand and read than it used to be. In fact it is like picking up an ordinary letter and hearing a friend speak to you.

The version I am using at then moment is The Message, which I absolutely love.

So I love my bible as well as God.

So  there you go. I suppose I am filling in some of my spiritual background and the tools I use. They work  for me, maybe one day they will work for you as well.  I hope so.

God bless