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Many times I have thought about Ingrid Bergman and the film “The Inn of the Sixth Happiness”.  In the film she plays a missionary or  a nun who went abroad to serve her Lord.

She loved her God, worked for him and her life was an example of light, love and compassion.   She lived love, breathed love and she was love.  She was a sister of mercy who knew the calling of God on her life.  People were not converted so much by what she said but how she lived, and by her love and faith in Him.  She had Godly principles and stood by them, she also had great compassion and she was a blessing to the people and community she served.

The man she married was an atheist, but he told her it was who she was, the way she was and her life that converted him.  Her life was a witness, she didn’t try to convert people with what she said, it was the way she lived her life that people were converted.  They saw Love, Love and Love.

(I wrote this article many years ago after watching The Inn of The Sixth happiness.  It was one of my favourite films and had a lasting impact on me, especially about the christian witness.  Many times God has confirmed to me that I am to live my life in him, and that on its own would be enough. It wouldnt be by what I said that would attract people to him but by the quietness of living my life with spiritual values that would.  That is what I try to do.  I have never been one for converting others with words.  But maybe my life and writings  will bless and encourage others to seek Him who is so close to us and loves us so much. )

God bless