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Prayer is communion with God.  It is talking, speaking, loving, praising, listening to him and being with him, and him also listening to us.  Which most of the times in my case I am the one doing all the talking. But he lovingly listens to me, and I love him for that.

We seek to make our lives a continual conversation with him .  This doesnt happen over night.  It  may take many years of the christian walk where one continually walks and talks in Gods presence  Sometimes it is like being married to someone for a very long time where no words are necessary, just a look or a glance or a companionable silence.

Adoration is very beautiful to God’s heart.  We all love being loved, and God is no exception. He can not get enough of it , but he also loves to sit in the deepest stillness and silence with us, where there is a deep spiritual communion of the hearts.

The more you are with someone, the more you become like them.  The more time you spend with God the more you become one with him and like him.  He wants to love us, bless us and be with us.  He longs for us to reach out to him.  God is a gentleman, he will never force himself upon us. He is always waiting for us to open the door of our hearts to him, and the door handle is on the inside of  OUR hearts.

The difference it makes in my own life when I spend quality time with god, compared to when I have not been economical with my time and my prayers and communion have been cut short.  That is something I try carefully to guard against these days. God needs to be first in my life and then everything else, especially family and loved ones following very close behind.  They are important to god as well, and he doesnt want us to neglect them.  I have heard it many times in my church that God is a family man.  He isnt on his own and he refers to the trinity in Genesis as us.  In my own life i have learnt that he doesnt want me to go up some spiritual mountain forever and neglect my loved ones.  I did try this, and believe me when I say this, I  didnt  find him up that mountain.  He was with my family.  A very powerful lesson.  Some people are called to the monastic life, and it is their vocation, but for most of us we have been planted firmly in the world because that is where he wants us.

God bless.