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Lord, you look after me, you shepherd me and protect me from all harm.  You lead me and refresh me in the greenest of pastures.  Your path takes me to the still waters and I drink and lay down.  Your hand touches my brow and I rest. i fall sleep in the the good shepherds arms, and he holds me tight and so close to him.

When I am refreshed he touches my arm and helps me to  my feet.

We walk into the valley where the light is dim and it is dark, but there is nothing to fear, there is nothing to be afraid of, for he is near me and his strength sustains me. I am not alone.

We sit down to eat and you lay the most beautiful meal before me, you touch my head and your spirit soars within me overflowing and filling me with light, chasing away my doubts.   I will always have you with me all my life, following me to make sure I am safe.

My home is with you forever.


(bible reference: psalm 23)