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Lord, I love you with all my heart, you are the lord of my soul. You know everything about me.  You know me inside out. I can never escape from you. Whether I am feeling good and full of joy and happiness or down in the pits  of gloom, darkness and sadness, you are there too. Infact in the darkness you switch the light on.  If I try to hide from you, you follow me and tap me on the shoulder. You never let go of me.image


You know the things that have formed me, the hurts and the good times. You have known me from the beginning, my life is a book before you, an open book, i keep nothing back.  Each  chapter of my life you planned from the moment of conception. I was born into the family you chose for me, and you have have always watched over us.

Each night when I go to sleep, you are there, and when I open my eyes in the morning you are the first thing that I see. You think about me all the time, and I think about you.  I cannot comprehend how much you love me.  Your thoughts  about me are so beautiful, they shine like stars so bright in the darkness of my mind.

O lord, who can I compare with you.

My negative thoughts fall away and reveal the light of your beautiful presence, the god who loves me.  The god who drives away the darkness and gives me peace.

It is in your arms of love that I belong.

Amen, amen, amen


(based on psalm 139)