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I feel like writing today. My day has gone not according to plan. There have been so many changes, but I have adjusted to them quite well.  In fact, the day has turned out better this way.  All I want to do is take it easy and rest, which is what is happening now and also catch up on some of the blog  sites I enjoy reading

A few days ago I was beginning to feel disenchanted with blogging, feeling that not many people bother with my site, but hey, that isn’t what it is all about, I enjoy writing and this is my journal which people are free to read it if they wish.  The main thing is I enjoy writing.

Most of the day,  especially in church and the programmes I have been watching on the television, have been spent remembering the first world war, and those who sacrificed their lives for us. Millions died so we can live in a free democratic society.  My grandfather was in the first world war, he fought in Gallipoli,  my mum and dad and several of mum’s brothers were in the second world war. We were lucky, our loved ones came back.

I cannot imagine what it must have been like to live in a world where there was so much war, but thank God, good prevailed over darkness. That is how I see it. If England had fallen during both wars I doubt very much that I would be here today.  Maybe a lot of us wouldn’t have been.

But still war persists, some times for good reasons, and sometimes for not so good reasons.

The Bible tells us that one day all this will come to an end. It is in the book of revelation near the end, I can’t remember which chapter.  For me being a christian it makes it easier to understand the times, but it is still very painful to see innocent lives sacrificed and all the suffering that war causes.

I do have hope, but I still hurt at the suffering others have to endure,  I have joy but still grieve at injustice and mans inhumanity to man, I have love but I feel the depths of mans lowness and depravity.  I have faith, but can still feel apprehensive with the things that I see happening in the world. But like the darkness Jesus experienced when he was on the cross, where he  felt no presence of god, we too feel this as well when the world is plunged into the cruelty and darkness of war.

So today, we think about and remember all those who lost their lives in the great war and other wars.  When Jesus died on the cross, his disciples lost all hope. Their world came crashing in on themselves.

But hey, do you know what, their joy was restored and so much more, why? Because jesus rose from the dead.  Nothing and no one could stamp out his light and love for all mankind.  So this is my hope and the joy of many of us  and the reason we can see life from a different angle. We have a hope for the future and we know the final outcome.