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There are so many challenging situations in my life at the moment that I don’t know whether I am Arthur or Martha.  I am juggling a lot of balls and each one is stretching me to the limit. I remember hearing several years ago that if something didn’t break you then you became so much stronger.  Well, lets hope for the latter.image One of the balls I am juggling is the world of technology.  Technology can be fascinating but when it goes wrong then it can be a nightmare, which I am finding out. But, as in all things I am asking myself what I am learning, and the answer I am getting is, if something  sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Also, this will pass however long it takes. I do have choices, and I can make changes in the material, but also in the way I think, feel and the way I look at things.  This isn’t a quick or automatic solution, it can take a while, but I am starting to move out of the stress, frustration and the depression I have been experiencing lately.

So, this is a new day and I am determined not to let worry and anxiety bog me down, which it has done the past week or two. I have missed catching up on other people’s blogs and see what they are doing, so it will be nice to  browse through my reader at a leisurely pace over the next few days.

best wishes to everyone

god bless.