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What painful and sad times we live in. I have just heard on the news about the attack on a school in Pakistan where many children, students and teachers have been killed by militants.

How can people take credit for killing innocent people. In the past, war used to be between opposing armies. The first world war changed this when Germany started attacking innocent people in England. This took war onto a new level where millions were killed and maimed. And so it has gone on from there.

I can never understand how someone can kill people who are unarmed and innocent and how they can salve their conscience with senseless killing. These days it is not unusual for schools to be attacked and children murdered. What great courage it takes to walk into a crowded shopping mall or school, pull out a gun and fire away indiscriminately.

I get angry, but I feel grieved too and I know at some point I will turn to God and my prayers will start. How it must hurt Gods heart to see what is happening. Does God cry? Yes, in the bible it says Jesus cried.

So I should imagine that God is crying through all our hearts today, because that is where he lives.

God bless