i havent written for a long  time.  These past few months i have been caring for someone so dear to me, that it is hard to imagine life without her.   She died about a month ago, and yet  it feels like she will  live for ever.   It is only her body that failed, her spirit is eternal.  This is a great source of comfort to me.   I wish she was still here, but all of us are only here for  a short while , passing through the world as we journey into eternity with Him.

So sadness rules my heart at the moment, but i also feel peaceful, and sometimes I am filled with so much love for her that it is hard to contain. I speak to jesus and tell him to take good care of her, but I know she is in his loving arms.  She suffered greatly these last six months and now she is free to rest in Him.

Although we are separated physically, the spirit goes on……..and so does love….


Sleep peacefully for a while my beautiful angel, and when you wake up may you be bathed with the dew of heaven and surrounded by those you love and who have gone before you…xxxxx

God bless