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Lord, how your word brings light and healing.  How it can bring a total change in the direction we are heading emotionally, mentally and physically.  Our hearts can be transformed from the darkest despair into the light of new life.  It is always darkest before the early sun begins to rise, how painful that moment is, but in a flash everything is transformed and changed, especially within us, and the things that where hurting us or holding us down have lost their powerful grip.

Lord, your love for us is awesome, and yet so many fail to hear your gentle whispering and nudging in their lives, your call to a life with you.  But lord, nothing is beyond you, and we lift to you all those who live in the darkness of this world without you and without hope . Open the curtain of their hearts and reveal the world of your eternal kingdom to them.

Lord, so much persecution and oppression in the world. May those who are suffering hear your footsteps walking beside them, and for those who have fallen under the weight of their suffering, lift them up and carry them in your arms.

In your beautiful name we ask, x x x