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This morning I am looking into a brand new day.  A clean page.  Although I have a few plans , my plans can go out of the window and my day totally rearranged by circumstances.

So I can never really be sure what will happen in my day.

I have my quiet time each morning with a cup of tea. Two to be precise. I am a creature of habit.

I do pray.

Prayer is a fancy name for talking to God. So, I talk to God and chat away, have a little read from one of my devotionals and talk to him about things that are coming up in my day.  I ask him for help. I talk to him about a lot of things. We are partners, and being a woman, I do most of the talking and he patiently listens.

But jokes aside, this is an important routine for me, like breathing and it is a lot easier to adjust to changes in my day when I know God is with me and walking beside me.

God bless