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Lord,  I am listening to the news, bless all refugees, let them know that you love and care for them. Be so real to them. Give them hope in these terrible, distressing, heartbreaking and confusing times.

Give us, your children,  a heart for these people.

Bless all the governments and help them to work together with your wisdom and understanding to know what to do.

Put a stop to all illegal trafficking and protect the lives of those who genuinely are seeking sanctuary and refuge from the ravages of war. Clothe them, keep them warm and feed them from your provision.
Provide them with the security of countries that will embrace them and keep them far away from the conflicts of war. Let them be welcomed into the countries where they seek refuge. Help them to learn our languages and provide them with the education and support they need to integrate into society and to be a welcome help to our communities and countries. Help us to work together. There has been too much death and loss of life. WAKE US UP!!!!!!!
Drive out all hostility towards them.

Open our hearts and may we welcome them in. Provide the finances and facilities that are needed for our countries to take them in. Pour out your provision on us that we in turn will provide for them.
Supply, the homes and employment without leaving our own short. Lord, you are the God who has everything. Open the chest of your treasury to any country that will reach out to these people with friendship and love.

in your heavenly name we ask…


I love you lord….i miss my mum.