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It is late summer now and we are drifting into Autumn. The days are lovely and warm but you can feel the coolness as the season is changing.

I love Autumn.  It feels like a mellowing in the weather, and as the sun shifts on the horizon, slowly dropping down in the sky….nature sighs and slows down, gradually closing  her petals for a well deserved rest.

Everything turns  red and gold like the flames in a fire, creating beautiful pictures everywhere in a final blaze of glory.

And as the evenings draw in, the darkness becomes ever closer as daylight hours reduce in time and length.

All that is tired and gone past its best falls away to the ground.  Gradually blending back into the earth.

The warmth of nature’s arms , with the longer presence of darkness , wraps her arms around us in a comforting way.  We curl up with her , like  a child in her womb.  Secure in that safe place, wanting to stay there for ever…..