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Sometimes I wonder why I blog.  I can feel despondent, wondering if my posts ever touch people.  But I know the answer already.  I love writing and I love this blogging and making connections with other people.

This morning I felt a little low and I received an email update from another blogger, The Mustard seed.  (I wish I could put a link to her blog, it is something I havent quite gotten to grips with yet. ) Ruth is the author of the site.  She blessed me and I felt such a touch from God.

There are other bloggers who have posted just at the right time ..http://theoldfellowgoesrunning.wordpress.com  (another heartwarming site). There are so many..http://suestrifles.wordpress.com  https//joyroses13.wordpress.com  the list could go on and on.

So there you go.

We never know who is reading our blogs. But God does because he is the  one who  sends them.

If you get a chance check out The Mustard Seed.


thanks sue, http://themustardseed123.wordpress.com