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My mum died earlier in the year.  Me and dad had been looking after her for a long time. We loved her very much, and still do.  Apart from physical problems with her age, she had dementia which very slowly stripped her life from her.  Dementia is a very painful thing to have and to see your loved one suffer with.  She suffered greatly the last twelve months of her life , and we suffered with her….so many times wanting the end to come.

She was laid to rest in a most beautiful part of the cemetery.  So much space, fields and trees. It really is quite beautiful.  Each week me and dad go and see her.  We take our little flowers and plants and care for her in her repose.  It is a special time for us and feels quite sacred.   Between the two of us we both still care for her.  It is something we need to do.  We miss her very much.


i know so many people feel a terrible emptiness when they have cared for someone who has died.  Their time spent in looking after their loved one. But it hasn’t been like that for me and dad.  We see each other quite a bit, but we very much enjoy solitude and quietness.  I know this is a healing time for us and I am in no hurry to get on with life.  It is slowly coming back, but every so often I find myself wanting to withdraw away from the crowd and be on my own. I know dad feels the same.  We feel peace.  We feel sad, but we are doing ok.

We would give anything to have mum back, but life is only a small space in time and death comes to us all at some point.  I think with mum dying it has taken away the fear and helped me to face this reality.

….’heaven is a family reunion not to be missed’….**

love and best wishes to all, God bless

**taken from The Word for Today (UCB)