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This morning in church as we listened to the sermon, Jesus words were given to us from the pulpit as a reminder of the world we live in, and this is the same world that jesus walked in.   ‘In this world you will have trouble…but take heart I have overcome the world’

This following scripture came to mind while the words of Jesus where echoing in my mind.

‘We will be his people, and He will be our God and He will be with us always. He will wipe away our every tear, and there will be no more mourning or crying.’

The terrorist attack in Paris has had an affect on us all, and for a while it seemed as if a black curtain had come around us. Maybe like when Jesus died on the cross and it went dark.

But the darkness can never extinguish the light, even in all that has been happening in Paris this weekend, evil has not put out the flame of love burning in our hearts. The whole world has united and come together, as it always does, to surround France  with love, support and shared grief with her suffering.

No where have  there been bells rings for joy over what has happened..in fact there is nothing there….only our love and hurt over the tragic, and wasteful loss of life.

But love will always finds a way through and triumph.

France is grieving, and we grieve with her.  Her wounds are our wounds…evil cannot stop us loving and caring, and it never will.

God bless