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The clock is ticking away as 2015 is coming to an end.  The approaching new year is coming closer and closer and for me it is bringing an element of excitement, something which has been missing for the last few years.

Already as the dying embers of 2015 are going out, good things are happening as if a taster of what 2016 is going to bring. Yesterday I  won a VERY BIG teddy bear in a raffle, and a few hours ago we heard in our church that our recently retired Pastor has been honoured on the New years honours list with an MBE.  What lovely news to close 2016 with and what hope for the future year.

On a personal level I have some pretty big goals for 2016 and how I am going to achieve them. The ideas that have been coming to me have been flowing and mixed with so much enthusiasm that I can only conclude that they are being inspired by God.

As I am watching the television, the hotel in Dubai is burning.  But bad news cannot put out my light and the hope  I am feeling.  We are in an uncertain world where nothing is certain except the Love of God. Teddy or should I say Alfie ( that is his name) is sitting with me and we are both watching the tv, finishing off the mince pies. I should add Alfie is watching me eat them, he isnt hungry. Haha.

So thats it. Last post for the year.

Best wishes to everyone, and I will see you in 2016