Our world is becoming smaller and smaller with technology.  One hundred years ago people just had newspapers so everyday occurrences in  the world weren’t so personalised.

You may wonder what I mean by ‘personalised’.

Quite simple. In the last century the people we knew consisted of those in the immediate vicinity, our family, neighbours, friends etc. And maybe the royal family.

As we all know, technology has developed at an awesome rate. Electricity, automobiles, aeroplanes, television, telephones, computers, mobile phones, internet, social media, satellites.  The list could go on.

Through all of this development our friends and family now do not just consist of those close to us. We now embrace the world and its people’s into our lives and see them as extensions of our own communities.

So when something happens in the world, whether it is good or bad, it affects us in a very personal way.  Because we come to know these people , they take up residence in our hearts and lives. And so when something happens to them it touches us all also.

Which brings me to reason why I am writing this post…

I was very saddened to hear the news about David Bowie.