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Two  things that you can guarantee that never change are God’s Love for us and man’s inhumanity to man.  The reason I am writing about this is because a day doesnt seem to go by now when  we do not hear of some sort of terrorist attack. Today we read about an attack at a University in Charsadda, Pakistan and a suicide bomber in Kabul, Afghanistan.

All innocent and unarmed people killed. Their lives taken from them because people want their own way in the world and will go to any lengths to get it.  What is that expression that is used sometimes when we are angry with people?…’at war with the world.’ This to me is a good way of describing what is happening in these times of terrorism.

Many people, most of them young, woke up this morning and  began  their day like any other day not knowing that their lives would be taken from them.

may they rest  peace