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Have you ever been in a situation where the shit is flying around and you are in the centre of this peace vortex? I thought so.

Good intentions and motives can be so easily misconstrued and perceived by others to be something they are not.

We are all capable of deeply hurting one another. Sometimes intentionally, and sometimes not.  What do we do when we see this happening to others and know there is nothing we can do.  I for one have learnt not to step in and make a situation worse.  In fact ‘STEP BACK’ are the keys words for me.  STOP AND THINK,  Am I going to make this worse or better?

Our emotions can be very volatile and we are all shaped by the things and events that have happened in our lives.  We are very complex.  It is not good to think we can ‘fix’ people and sort out what is happening in their lives, especially painful things.  In fact we would more than likely  be adding fuel to the fire.

So what do we do when we want to help.

LISTEN. Ask for a god listening heart.

Don’t think we have all the answers or try and put a band aid on people’s feelings.

Don’t try and quicken up the healing process, keep out of it because whatever we say or do will be misunderstood by those who are hurting, let things settle down, talk to God about it.

Ask him for help and direction and the wisdom to know what to do and what not to do. Ask him to help us to keep our big mouths shut and not say anything that would cause further harm and hurt.

Keep loving and praying for those involved and also for ourselves.

I think life is a learning curve. We learn by our mistakes and try and change and deal with life and people in the right way. Ways that are helpful to them and also to us.

Today, and this is all we have got, I am feeling very chilled.  Probably because I am tired. But I do feel relaxed and want to take it easy.  I did have plans, but God has other plans for me so I am listening to him.


I do appreciate all of you who read my posts. THANK YOU.

God bless,