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Today is Mother’s Day in England and maybe in other countries too.

We lost mum last year after a tremendous struggle with Dementia and physical problems. When went to see her today with our flowers, I told her I wished she was still here. But the truth is I don’t. I couldn’t bear her to suffer again the way she did. It was so painful to watch and not be able to do anything.

I know she is at peace because I can feel it.

It was a beautiful day and the weather was very cold and crisp. I dont think I have ever seen so many people visiting a cemetary as I did today. Mum is still so much in our hearts and lives. And although her dementia affected her badly she always loved me and touched my heart like no one else ever could.

So many times when I was suffering and in distress the telephone would just ring at the right time and she would be there. I felt so strongly that God came through her. No one has ever loved me the way she did. I loved her and always will.

When  we do mums flowers, it is like we still care for her, but also an act of total respect and love for her. As a family we adored her, and still do.

She was such a brave lady and had the biggest heart ever.

Love is the most beautiful thing that we can experience, especially when it is an eternal love. Which is what I have with mum. I will always be in her heart and she in mine.