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This week I have been thinking about Eve – WOMAN.

All through history Woman has been mostly been subjected to mans’ authority. There have been many outstanding women in History, but the majority of women were second class citizens. Man was able  to have many wives and concubines.  In other parts of the  world this is still practiced.

King David had many wives, so did King Solomon. (Jesus talks about ONE wife, his Bride, The Church, me and you. But this post is about Modern day Eve.)

I should imagine the women under these conditions of sharing their husband with others suffered terrible jealousies, and rivalries. maybe a miserable existance. This can be  seen in the Bible in quite a few of the old testament stories.

I  dont believe it was Gods will for a man to have more  than one wife, but somewhere along the line this became common place in many countries and religions. Certainly in Israel’s history it was.

So women have been subjected to man’s authority for a long time. The Emancipation and Evolution of Eve to me has been like an unshackling this last century. Woman has been emerging and shedding those chains of  submission and limitation with a tremendous acceleration of growth particulary this past fifty years.

Great women have risen through history as tremendous icons.

Many women lost their lives for us, wanting freedoms, liberation. What a price they paid for us. Even now in some of the eastern countries women are trying to break free. It is like a shoot growing from a seed. Many of these seeds and shoots are snuffed out violently, but many more grow up from them and break free.

Woman is coming of age. Her veil of submission is being removed at last and she is emerging as an equal to her Adam, which was what was originally intended.  Theresa May, Angela Merkel, Hilary Clinton (hopefully the future President of the USA), Nicola Sturgeon, all outstanding women, others include Malala, Eva Peron, Benazhir Bhutto. The list could go on.

Then there is you and me. I have evolved and grown and feel a maturity sometimes that makes me so proud to be who I am and what I am. Are we ascending to our rightful place with mankind, with man. I think we are. This is our time.

The world needs strong women. We are in uncertain times, but a strong woman is a force to be reckoned with.

Are we ready to drink from this chalice?

I am.