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I have been told that with me what you see is what you get.  I think this is true. I am pretty open and transparent with those who I know and am close to.  I am not so sure that this observation applies to people who are on the outer circle of my life. It is not always good to reveal all your cards. Sometimes you need to keep them close to your chest.

Fear often kept  me from saying how it was. It was easier to keep my mouth shut. Infact it was second nature. I love politics and now I find I have alot to say about it  both home and abroad. I seem to find it very hard to hold it back.

Which brings me to the Internet which I love also. What an amazing world social media and the internet has opened up to us. I am privileged that I have my own wi-fi and can write anything, post it onto the internet and within the luxury and confines of my own home.

Live coverage, tweeting,  and whatever else can keep us in tune with minute by minute coverage on things as they are happening.

Why am I writing all of this. Well, I think life is what you make of it wherever you are and whatever your situation.

You can see and connect with others today without leaving your own home. You can send an email and it gets to its destination straight away, and you havent even had to pay for a stamp, go out to the post office or letter box to post it

Our world is where we live.

For people who have disabilities or are on their own, and this includes me in both categories, all of this is a tremendous life line.  You can  have a completely fulfilling life within your own home.

I am a very active person, or should say I was. Now I find I  am restricted because of a condition I have which is called M.E.

For years I thought there was nothing wrong with me. Everyone gets exhausted, has no energy; has to lie down and rest for hours on end; sometimes finds household chores and self care difficult; conversations exhausting; company  difficult to deal with; cant remember things and getting confused; somedays not even being able to get up. There is nothing wrong with me…..is there?

Then it took one lady from church to ask me if I had M.E. or suggest that I may have it.

Then other people started suggesting it as well and it went on from there.

Which  brings me back to being at home at lot more than I am used to. I am not house bound. I can go out, but I am limited now as to what I can do and I have accepted that.

I have loved gardening, but I am having to step back and  it will be limited now to  pottering in the garden.

I have never liked cooking  but now I am finding I am developing a love for it. I even brought this lovely vegetarian cook book today. Not that I am veggie, but I will be using the recipes. I am looking forward to this. Me love cooking? A miracle.

My love of reading is coming back. There are so many things I can enjoy in my home.

Life is what you make of it, and I am finding my life is becoming more complete and fulfilled as I get older.

I have a bus pass, good food to eat, family, friends and a connection with society and the world that I never thought possible.

I have not lost anything, infact through this illness I have gained so much more.


God bless,