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At the moment I am feeling guilty. I have been whinging a lot lately about the Government and other things, seeing myself as a victim. I have become a real

Well, my moaning hat is coming off and being replaced by a sunshine hat. Looking at life through the sun and not darkness and negativity.

I am 61, nearly 62. I have health problems. I dont think I can work again. I have been doing my best but I am not physically able to do a lot.

The trouble is I like to do things, be on the go and be creative. I cannot sit in front of a telly all day.

So the question is ‘what do I do with my time and how do I fill it?’

This past year I have had to give up voluntary work that I have previously loved doing. I am not even sure I can commit to any future work because of my health. I dont fancy a life of doing nothing. I don’t think anyone would.

I love reading, especially current affairs and world news. But I dont want to be on my own all the time reading. I love people. I dont want to live my life like a hermit.

I am going to have to do a lot of bartering here with God.

Give me something to do Lord that I can manage. Dont let me rot away and become a couch potato.  Inspire me, help me to accept my limitations but not to limit myself in areas where I am able to accomplish things. Give me something to do that we can do together.

I dont want to be on my own, without you and all those I hold dear. Fill the emptiness in me and help me to fill other peoples lives with love, hope and laughter.

Lord, my life feels as if it is in the beginning of a new chapter, a Genesis. Speak into the void and darkness, create a new world, help me to be fruitful in all I do and may your word accomplish all you send it out to do

I belong to you…..we all do. ❤❤❤❤