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When I was a child and even into my mid twenties, I day dreamed.  Always of a better life, happiness, someone who would love me.  They where daydreams, and I was dreaming my life away. As I got older the dreams were still the same but never happening. Fantasies? I think so.  I remember feeling depressed.

The world says to dream big, to follow your dreams. I am not sure this is a good idea.

A while ago when I was going through a very unhappy time here in the flats, I tried to escape by dreaming of my ideal home and where it would be. As time went on my feet started sinking into the sands of depression and despondancy.

Dreams for me are not a firm rock to stand upon. They usually lead to unhappiness and shattered hopes.

So, I try to keep my eyes upon the rock of ages that never changes, never falls apart, and never fragments.

It is good to want better things but when it becomes a fantasy, takes over our lives or puts pressure on ourselves or others, then we are treading on fragile ground. My dreams where always a way of  trying to escape from my circumstances.

Do I put  my hope in the mountains?  No. My life now is with God who made the mountains.

Do I have a saviour, a friend?  Yes, and he never lets me run from life.

Each moment we have is precious. Let us not waste our time in dreaming our lives away.


(a little bit of a ramble this post and just my thoughts, God bless)