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In a moment of time things can change suddenly.  I have just come into town to do some writing and relax in one of the coffee shops. I like to check my messages on my phone every so often. There was one from my aunty.

“Aunty Lily going to heaven soon, Susan and Georgie are with her” .  sadness descended on my heart with such anguish and sorrow.  It is not surprising news because lily has been poorly for a while, but when it comes it still knocks you off balance.

When I was younger death was a rare visitor, but these last twenty years it seems to have made very regular appearances. But it still kicks you in the guts.  Which brings me to dealing with death.  My thoughts at the moment  are with susan and georgie. So painful sitting watching your loved one fading away. There are no words to say because there is nothing you can say except sit in the silence with them. When I am suffering I would rather have someone sit quietly at my side or let me know that they are there than give me loads of ‘wisdom’ or say things that are totally inappropriate and painful.

we are all like waves travelling towards death which none of us can evade, but when we have had a spiritual awakening through Jesus I think we can deal with it a little better than those who have no belief.

I remember reading something six months after mum died about heaven being a family reunion not to be missed. I often recall those words. The grief has lessened greatly these last few months but we never forget.

So my heart goes out to susie and georgie and my dear aunty lily.  No words to say, just an ache in my heart.


Thank you Lord for the life of my aunty lily. Walk beside her and sit with her through the valley of the shadow of death. Comfort her in her suffering and may she be free from all pain. Let her passing into your presence be with ease, like the taking off of a garment as she leaves her body and  steps into eternity with you. Strengthen susie and georgie especially in the months ahead. Be a father and friend to them…amen