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The last few days I have been thinking about words and the effect they can have on us.  Words are very powerful. They can lift up or bring down. They can change the direction of our lives or the lives of others. They can affect people for a life time, for better or worse.

I have had a lot of good things said about me over the years but sadly I cannot recall them. A friend advised me  a few years ago to keep a little book of things people said to me that were really nice, and I have.

Why is it I cannot recall these words without a prompt? Why is it I can remember negative or hurtful words as clear as day.

I can only conclude that negative words have the effect of causing damage and wound.  Healthy words don’t. Some things we remember for a life time.

All of us can say things which hurt others and we try to repair the damage, make amends. A lot of things are said when our emotions are heightened and on a roller coaster or when we are feeling bad about ourselves.  Ŵe go out of control and out of the heart comes rubbish and negativity. The book of James in the bible talks about the tongue being like a tiny rudder on a ship which is very powerful.

We try to do and say the right things, but what about those times when say things quite innocently not  knowing that they maybe affecting another person in a very negative way. How do we control our words then?

We cant.

But what we can do is approach God each day, asking him for help with the words we speak, especially asking him to help us not to speak rash or hurtful words, to keep a guard on our tongues,to help us speak positive and uplifting things. ***

we never know how people are going to react to us and the words we say, but we can try our best and invite God into all our conversations each day. For me that is something I need to do. I don’t want to hurt people or have my words misunderstood.

I just want to do my best.

love and best wishes to everyone




note : ***Some of my prayers have been inspired by the Christian writer Stormie Omartian. They have formed a template for me which I have built upon .