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This last week me and dad have had flu. Dad is picking up and a lot better,  I have been knocked off my feet. After saying that I think I am starting to improve because  a few days ago I was quite happy to never get out of bed again. Now I want to get out and do things but  I cant manage to stay upright for long without feeling sick and like something the dog  has dragged in.

So what do you do when you want to do something but your body says “Not on your life deary”.  Quite simple, get the iPad out and start writing before your body has time to figure out what is going on, haha…..aaaand,  it is working!  Still in bed, still writing and I havent gone into rapid decline.hahaha

I may even try and venture out of bed soon and watch some tv.  Well heres hoping  anyway, not too optomistic  about  that one.  But at least I am on some sort of mend. Yesterday I felt better and was able to slip out via a taxi to pick  up a prescription. The rest of the day was another story.

And where is God in all of this? I have no idea.  But I have found great comfort in this lovely water bottle dad has given me which has a knitted cover. My feet just curl around it.  Bliss.

Does God come through people?