It is funny how god works . I was just going to relax, I was looking forward to it, then I get the urge to write and I feel inspired. It came to me to write about my faith, so here goes.

I would love to be able to say I was a christian from childhood, or my conversion came because I wanted to know god out of a genuine desire, but these things never happened.

I ended up on gods shores because I was a mess, wrecked, in the pits, and  I was on my way out of this life.  So I ended up in his lap because life eventually brought me to this place.

And am I glad.

My journey started from there, a long time ago now, but it was gradual from then on.  Getting to know the one I didn’t know, a fascinating journey now I look back.

It is like a marriage or friendship, and it takes time to get to know one another.

I do know him now and alot of that has come down to attending the beautiful church that I have been blessed to be part of for the past ten years.  It is here that I have grown, matured and am flourishing in my spiritual gifts.

I have been given strength to endure sometimes impossible situations and whenever I have found circumstances getting too much for me, god has made a way out.

My life since becoming a christian  has not been plain sailing. It has been fraught with difficulties, but I have been challenged and grown so much that I hardly recognise myself anymore.  In many ways I feel as if I have come of age.

I have read and  studied, but mostly attended a church  where I have been given the most amazing spiritual food and wine, all under the umbrella of a lovely pastor and his family.  I am part of a growing church and christian family and I feel so blessed.

So there it is, some of my christian background.